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Rental of kayaks and drysuits

We rent out kayaks, dry suits and other paddling equipment. We can bring the kayak and dry suit to your accommodation/starting point and collect them when you finish the rental period.  

Requirements for skills
You can hire a kayak from us even if you have not taken a course, or have little paddling experience, but then in very sheltered waters, and in good weather. You must be able to swim. If you have a basic course, higher course or equivalent experience, you get more freedom to choose your own route.

Prices: 2 hmore/1 day
Kayak: 300/450
Dry suit: NOK 300/400
Kayak and dry suit: NOK 500/700
Children's kayak
(up to approx. 10 years): NOK 100/200

Shipping of kayaks (one trip): 1-8 kayaks: NOK 500. 9-12 kayaks: NOK 700


Cancellation policy

For cancellation or change of time, please contact us in advance. You can cancel within 1 week before the start of the rental without charge. After this, a fee of NOK 300 per kayak. If you do not notify us, you will pay the full price. If the rental has to be canceled due to weather conditions, you will not pay anything.

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