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Smøla around, mini-expedition 3-4 days

Start place : Smøla kayak, Steinsøysundet

Links to Smøla around on :

Steinsøysundet: Smøla round - 68 km

Pdf maps in A3: All maps except map 2 and the last one in A4

Kayak rental : 3 days at NOK 1,200 per person. person. ( includes kayak, oar and vest), basic course or equivalent requirement p.

Group tour with guide : 3 days at NOK 3400 per person. per person, min 4 per zone. ( includes kayak, oar, vest and guide).

Tour description

The trip can be started in several places, but by starting with us you get good advice for the trip and safe parking. For a 3-day trip, we recommend paddling to Gapahuken on Svanøya on the first day, the distance is approx. 20 km. If the weather is good and there is little wind, we recommend Storvard island, about the same distance. A great accommodation for the second night is Dyrøya, a distance of almost 30 km. The final distance on the last day will then be 20 km back to Steinsøysundet and Smøla kayak.


For 4 paddling days, we recommend Svanøya, approx. 20 km, Ringsøya on Sørsmøla approx. 15 km, and finally Dyrøya. But the archipelago consists of many islands, so there are many accommodation options.

Take the wind into account when you go on this trip, it may pay to go the opposite way to what we suggest here. Try to get as much tailwind as possible on the trip.

It is possible to shop at Hopen, Råket and Straumen. Good food along the way is possible at Hopen Brygge and Villsaugården. You will find comfortable accommodation en route at Hopen Brygge , Lillenes rorbuer , Villsaugården , Betten rorbuer . For more overnight stays, see

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