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West side tours

Start place: Dyrnes, Aukan eller Steinsøya

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Dyrnes - fiskeværet Brattværet - 10 km
Aukan: Labyrinten
- 12 km

Steinsøya - fiskeværet Odden - 6 km

Pdf-maps in A3: kart 4 og 5

Kayak rental: 1 day at NOK 450 per person. (includes kayak, ohre and west), basic course requiredpp.

Group tour with guide: 1 day 1200 per person, min 4 people.(includes kayak, oar, vest and guide).

Tour descriptions

The western side of Smøla is very sheltered with many islands and islets. Add little boat traffic and you have a great starting point for enjoying nature. We recommend 3 trips.

Dyrnes to the fishing village of Brattværet - Do like Oddgeir Bruaset and visit the fishing village of Brattvær. Watch the program "Der ingen shokel tru... from Brattværet here. The fishing village has existed for many hundreds of years, the houses are now used as holiday homes. Paddling on the north side of the fishing village and the island of Storvardøya is also worth taking part in.

Aukan: The Labyrinth - Challenging navigation because the islands are close together and the tides change where you can paddle. The route goes by gapahuk on Svanøya, and Villsaugården . At Villsaugården you can experience local Smøla food and they have good accommodation in bed. Paddling distance approx. 12 km.

Steinsøya to the fishing village of Odden - A trip in shallow and calm waters to one of the three largest fishing villages that have existed on Smøla, Odden. A paddling distance of approx. 6 km. There are good opportunities for camping on Odden.

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