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Weekend trip from Smøla kayak to Veiholmen, round trip


Start place: Smøla kayak, Steinsøysundet

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Steinsøysundet - Hopen- 6km
Hopen - Veiholmen
- 11 km

Veiholmen - Hopen-8 km

Hopen - Steinsøysundet- 6 km

Pdf mapin A3:map1,map2,Veiholmen

Kayak rental: 2 days at NOK 800 per person. (includes kayak, ohre and west), basic course requiredpp.

Group tour with guide: 2 days to the 24th00 per person, min 4 people.(includes kayak, oar, vest and guide).

Group tour with guide

minimum 4 people


Bring friends, family or colleagues and book a padle guide with us who knows the archipelago and stands for safety.


We tailor trips from 3-4 hours up to many days. You do not have to have paddle experience to participate, but we require ok physical form. We can also arrange food service if requested.

Group tour from Veiholmen: 600 NOK pro. person

Our most popular tour is in the archipelago around the fishing village of Veiholmen. 3-4 hours tour. Included kayak, paddle and west. 

Group tour tour 4 hours: 600 NOK pro. person.

Group tour 8 hours: 1000 NOK pro person.

The guide determines the trip after the weather and any wishes from the group. Includes kayak, paddle and west.

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