Basic course

This course is for beginners and lasts for two days. No paddling experience is required. You will learn to feel safe and relaxed in the kayak by practicing several maneuvering- and rescuing techniques. There will be lots of fun and wonderful kayak experience at the amazing archipelago of Smola.

Completing basic course certifies you for renting kayak in Norway, and proves that you have passed the Norwegian Paddle Foundation (NPF) basic course.  

Signing up
If you prefer other dates than the ones in the calendar you are welcome to contact us. 


Basic course 2000 NOK (Adult),1500 NOK(10-17 years)

Kayak rental 2 days: 600 NOK. Drysuit rental 2 days: 600 NOK

Kayak- and drysuit rental: 1000 NOK

Kayak roll

Here you learn simple, basic exercises that need to be able to roll up with the kayak. After the course it is possible to practice yourself. Now you know the process :-)


Most people who have taken this have managed to roll at least once on this course. Of course, in order for it to sit properly, it must be practiced more. We take the hourly rate because it varies how long each individual needs. We set up a course when you want it.

Course 1 hour lesson    400,- (Max 4 participants)
Rental drysuit       300 NOK
Rental  kayak         300 NOK

Rental  kayak and drysuit: 500,-

Technique course

Technique course are for those who wants to improve maneuvering and rescue techniques after the basic course.


You will learn more steering techniques, practice water habits, and kayak roll. The goal is to develop your technique and make you a great paddle and challenge yourself in a little bit of anxiety.

Keeps courses on order, also outside Smøla, minimum 4 participants.


Technique course 2000 NOK (Adult)

Technique course 1500 NOK(10-17 years)

Kayak rental 2 days: 600 NOK

Drysuit rental 2 days: 600 NOK

Kayak- and drysuit rental: 1000 NOK

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