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Guided tour

Every day at 10 am this sommer

Three hour guided tour in the area around the fishing village Veiholmen. The fishing village is located far out in the sea, but is protected by islets and reefs, perfect for sea kayaking. The big waves are not far away, but at a safe distance.


Experience the magic of the sounds of nature and the crystal clear sea. Kayaks, oars and vests are included in the price.


Group tour with guide

Minimum 4 people

Bring friends, family or colleagues and order a paddle guide from us who know the archipelago and are responsible for safety. And We tailor trips from 3-4 hours and up to many days. You do not have to have paddling experience to participate, but we require good physical shape.


We can also arrange for food to be served if desired. 

Group tour 4 hours: 600, - pr. person

Group tour 8 hours: 1000, - pr. person

Prices include kayak, oar and vest.

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